Imagine Swimming

Original Title Trockenschwimmen
director Susanne Kim
production Neufilm, Holm Taddiken
TV station mdr/Arte
film fund MDM, SLM, KdfS
distribution eksystent Distribution
length 80 minutes

Status: Completed

In IMAGINE SWIMMING, a group of seniors beat high waves. Despite their advanced age, they want to finally swim in a Leipzig swimming pool. The reasons for this are as varied as the students themselves. From the sailor to the housewife, everyone brings their own life story, fears and longings into the course. Together, they approach the task before them with joy and humor and prove that it is never too late to venture into the cold water.



Eun-Sook tells stories about the korean water ghosts
Karin faces her fear of the water
Erika wife, mother and now a actor
Manfred sails with swim vest
Sigrid has moved to the sea because she has always wanted to live there
Hans-Jörg Swiming instructor from passion
Cevat Born in a coastal town in the Turkey, formerly a sports instructor
Monika makes a good figure with her laughter and temperament in the water


director of photography Emma Rosa Simon
film editor Marion Tuor
sound recording Daniel Fischer
choreographer Heike Hennig
music Manuel G. Richter & Luise Pop


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