In the Rose Garden

Writer & Director Leis Bagdach
Producer Holm Taddiken (Neufilm)
Arek Gielnik (Indi Film)
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Status: Completed

Berlin pop star Yak (38), who is plagued by a crisis of meaning at the height of his career, receives an unexpected message: his almost forgotten father, who returned to his home country of Syria in a mad rush over 30 years ago, is lying in a coma in a German hospital - and has brought Yak a surprise: a 15-year-old half-sister called Latifa (15), who only speaks Arabic. Unwillingly reunited, the siblings embark on an odyssey across Germany. The journey becomes a search for one’s own roots, the meaning of (folk) music; and the answer to the question of all questions: what does HEIMAT* really mean?

*HEIMAT is an untranslatable German word that roughly means HOME


Yak/FTHR Kostja Ullmann
Latifa Safinaz Sattar
Father Husam Chadat
Mother Petra Schmidt-Schaller
Grandmother Ursula Werner
Art Tom Lass
Fee Verena Altenberger
King Thomas Arnold
Christian Nico Seyfrid (K.I.Z.)


Commissioning Editor Stefanie Groß (SWR), Daniela Muck (arte)
Cinematography Andreas Bergmann
Editing Claudia Wolscht
Casting Ulrike Müller
Sound Design Andreas Hildebrand
Scenography Stephanie Strecker
Costume Tini Fetscher
Make-up Monika Knauf, Marina Arent
Lighting Gilmar Steinig
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