Junction Point

Original Title Fernes Land
director Kanwal Sethi
screenplay Leis Bagdach, Kanwal Sethi
production Neufilm
commissioning editor (ZDF) Claudia Tronnier
film fund MDM/EZEF
length 88 minutes

Status: Completed

The pakistani hairdresser, Haroon, has immigrated illegally to Germany, the German insurance broker, Mark, dreams of emigrating. The consequences of a car accident throw these two entirely different people together for one night. At the end of an odyssey through the alien world of illegality, they both discover that something bonds them: a desire to be far away …


Release date



Haaron Atta Yaqub
Mark Christoph Franken
Pamma Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Nina Karina Plachetka
Raschid D. Sidgi Mohammed Gussarah


dop Hanno Moritz Kunow
film editor Claudia Wolscht
sound design Conrad Oleak


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