14. 8. 2013

DIE BESUCHER - Ab 14.08.2013 auf DVD

During an unannounced visit to Berlin, Jakob and Hanna let their three grown up children know, that they are no longer able to support them financially. Karla, Arnolt and Sonni seem to live successful city lifes; but, on closer inspection, they are in the middle of different life-crises, which have a common cause: lack of independence. After a big family-quarrel and a painful revelation of life-lies, every single relative is made aware of how little he or she knows about the others – though still interdependent. They part in a clinch. While the parents spend an involuntary night in the big city, the children drive to the country side – back to their parental house, which they find empty. Meeting again next morning, both generations realise: in order to find back to their own lives, they first must emancipate themselves from each other - both the children of the parents and the parents of the children.

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A Silvia Loinjak Film production


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